At the forefront of my proclamation of the Gospel is the idea and application of Community. We Build Community. It’s what I do and where my commitment lies. I don’t seek a title or a position, I don’t need a calling card or my own office, all I need is an open arena to love people fully without anything holding me back. I don’t (and will not) seek out a salary because I am led by the Holy Spirit in a Pauline philosophy of working with my own hands so that those who truly want to give can make a contribution to the struggling church and not worry about my contentment. (AVM combined w/ OSM)
Why do we do it?
These generations desire truth, they long for intimacy and authentic connection. Community is the key. If we offer the simplest form of what God is doing today on the earth then we offer community. There is nothing more intrinsic to the Gospel than the “breaking of bread” and fellowship in community. Out if it grows the most transparent and purest form of missional living that can be generated.
How do we do it?
We support four commitments to build community in an intimate and effective way.
Living outward [mission]
Living toward others, we are not meant to be closed off and secretive. Our hearts are to be exposed to the world and committed to those in the faith. We will be hurt, we will face rejection, but without being authentic and intentional in our relationships we cannot effectively “be” community.
Cultivating [creative]
Community is dependent on the revival and drawing in of artistic creation. Musicians, painters, poets, speakers, etc. feed the mystery and attraction of Community. Without a vibrant creative spirit we become tied to an ever fading tradition that lacks true openness that eventually stifles expression instead of encourages it.
Counseling [mentorship]
If community matters to you then you are a mentor; call it coaching, or leading, or training, whatever. God has called us to pour ourselves out into others. We make disciples who make disciples, if this isn’t your goal that’s okay, but community grows by the skillful willingness of mentorship. It isn’t taught, it is sought out and gifted.  Through classes and one-on-one sessions we commit the work of community to those who are ready to live in these four commitments.
Loving inward [divine revelation]
Without a commitment to individual growth (however that unfolds) community is a wasted pursuit. We make no excuses when it comes to committing to a local movement. Three simple actions create very specific results.
§  Corporate worship (no matter the form)
§  Personal devotion (exegetic bible study)
§  Communicative expression (pursuing prayer as a lifestyle)
This is the outlying structure God has given me. I don’t know what it looks like for others but I know this is what I’m going to commit myself and my family to.