I’m gonna temporarily 23756790253_a5d6769c2bappeal to raw emotion. I just want to “be,” I don’t want to be in constant preparation for the next event or completing a strategy, or anticipating a “breakthrough.” I’m tired of churchgames and the up and down of Sunday morning experiences. When I look into the lives of actual people most of the life-change I see comes from those who move from non-involvement to super-volunteer; very rarely (apart from celebrate recovery and similar programs) do I see the unbeliever move out of darkness and into marvelous light. And I’m not referring to a conversion story, I think by now we all realize that salvation is a process that begins in the heart and continues over the course of life not a singular prayer with dual action hand-raising crescendo.

So what am I looking for, and what am I criticizing? First of all, I don’t condemn any effort to preach the gospel whether it be among a crowded Sunday morning service or crazy guy with a sign on the street corner. I assume All efforts to save the lost and hurting are sincere and meaningful for the individual doing the work (though not all efforts are equally effective). Nor do I go out of my way to make a point about how others are “doing it wrong.” There is a flavor for everyone and it isn’t my job (or yours) to change the flavor to our own taste.

But I am looking for something, I want to see Jesus on the fringes, with the weirdos and outcasts, a generation unafraid of change and willing to take on the life of God without fear and shame. I want to see a centered life where the gospel is more important than my style and opinions. Come with me, let’s find the edge of the Earth together…