animatronic-headAre you the Body of Christ or the machine of churchdom?

As I sit considering where my efforts are going to be laid in this new season for my family I’m deeply contemplating the true nature of the church.  As i attempt to build and dream and develop into the future there are specific questions to answer. At the forefront is this one.

In an attempt to help separate these two norms in modern Christianity I wrote out some defining characteristics of Body vs. Machine.

  • A body is organically organized… out of experiential need. It requires nourishment from its surroundings and can be directed from internal responses. It is ALIVE, growing from living cells that replicate and can reproduce themselves naturally with no outer force. A body works alongside other bodies (even opposing ones) to accomplish forward progression. A body’s agenda is to live and breathe and move and find its “being.”
  • A machine is programmed… out of structured forethought. It requires resources and energy from some directing agent. It is ANIMATED, but not alive, growing by addition to its frame and functions only by “outer force.” A machine is forced into its surroundings and unable to adjust or acclimate to its surrounding without disrupting or altering its environment. It cannot adapt, but forces living structures to adapt around it. A machine’s agenda is controlled action/response by its programmer.

I don’t want to express that the machine is unnecessary, one area that the machine accomplishes well is long-standing vision. This is an area where organic movements tend to flexibly lose control of.  It isn’t that I’m against one and for the other, I’m merely managing my investment more critically.