why so many books, it smells like my aunt’s house?

Help! I want to grow in my faith but everyone keeps suggesting I read their favorite book… where would I even start?

Here’s my quintessential guide to the “Christian Starter Pack” (ignore all Pokemon references):

My first suggestion is always the easy one. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. It doesn’t have to be read through as one book and can easily be picked apart and read whenever a subject interests you.

Next is a little more complicated… I’m sure you read The Bible but we need to learn to walk through reading it for specific purposes, this pattern helps:

  • John – to know about Christ and the gospel
  • Romans – to know about Christ and human nature
  • Ephesians – to know about Christ and us as part of the church

(write a lot of stuff down especially if it seems difficult to understand or surprising)

After that is another simple book,  “The Divine Romance” by Gene Edwards – This book gives a short history of all people from God’s perspective. It helps us become the kind of Christian that truly values other people regardless of where they come from or what “group” they belong to. It also re-focuses us on an intimate relationship with Jesus instead of religion.

Finally is the most complicated of the starter series but essential for growing into a more mature faith, “The Normal Christian Life” by Watchman Nee

This can never take the place of reading the bible with a small group of people that will allow you to figure things out for yourself and help by encouraging you to dig deeper; but this is a firm foundation that will make you stronger in your understanding of the gospel and its power.