I’ve been on an epic journey for the past year; being challenged weekly by my great friend and co-conspirator in sardonic reasoning, Carlos Sacriste, we were put to the fire of life by Nee. The result was a “buckling down” of actually adhering to the calling and purpose of my gifts. Now that may sound minimally profound and clicheic but it has been monumental in the battling of my pride and the upward focus in my way of life.

neeIt started last May when I was invited to collude with Carlos at his home in San Antonio, TX. We spent 5 days challenging each other, we enjoyed fellowship and communion and I thank God for the opportunity to have seen him in his true “element.” It wasn’t all sunshine and roses though, out of Carlos’ many gifts his most potent talent is in provocation. Carlos challenges people’s mentalities; he is a keen observer of human behavior as it relates to their core beliefs. It is he who led me (over 7 years ago) to the conclusion that “what people do is the only valid indicator of what they truly believe.” So during those 5 days away from my own life I was invited to share in his life; his interaction with his family, his devotion to his calling, and his pursuit of truth and purpose.

A few weeks later after I returned to “the real world” I randomly picked up a book at the local Christian book store by Watchman Nee called “The Spiritual Man,” the book contained many of the themes we had discussed during my visit (i.e. the trinitarian self, spiritual union, meditation and divine encounters, etc.). We both started reading right away and have been actively discussing the implications and applying the in-life truths that we find in the pages on a continual basis.

So what’s my point?

I desire to be used by God, to actively pursue the purpose to which I was called to God in Christ by the Holy Spirit. I’ve always been an independent thinker and somewhat self-reliant in my spiritual pursuit, however this past year I have grown more in focus and self-evaluation than ever before. Point blank – we need people. And not just people to hang out with and be a part of real life with, but people that will push our buttons and make us uncomfortable and love us in a way that doesn’t settle for a bare minimum of experience.

I will be unpacking some of the life-impacting changes and perspectives I’ve grown in the last year over the next month, in the meantime I would earnestly challenge you to find someone to run with and see how much farther you can go, pick a book, or a devotional or any specific outcome and run in a way that will draw you out of laziness and blind faith and into a life of adventure and challenge.