I began attempting to figure out some clear paths toward discipleship that a beginner might succeed and build on. I wrote out three simple roles that I find most central to the engaged Christian life, not simply to new Christians but to Christians who begin to take the direction of their faith in their own hands; after all, that is when “real life” begins. The breakaway from everything that is accepted to everything that must be discovered for one’s self is the difference between engagement and marriage, conception and birth, hanging out with Jesus and giving our all for the sake of the gospel of the HaMoshiach. One can “gestate” in the faith for 5 seconds or 30 years, but once the step is taken to purposefully live in faith a change comes that requires organic growth and developed structure to continue in what Paul legitimately called “The Way.” There will be blanket statements but we are way too late in the action for platitudes or simplistic half-truths. The three roles that I found central to becoming a true seeker in life were –Study, Commitment, and Pursuit. If you can’t grow in these, you can’t grow period.