What we are attempting to do now, from the ground level, is also what we do for toddlers every sunday.

We must embrace a curriculum of creating wonder and interest in God that reveals true revival into that old paradigm. We desire the Spirit of God to rise up in His people so that love and grace abound in a community God has built. A community where the Holy Spirit is freed to do His will (and this is key) and signs/wonders/the outpouring all become common place.

i truly believe that the church isn’t honest with itself, so full of pride and selfish ambition that it grieves the Holy Spirit to even be near us sometimes, there are no signs only billboards, no wonders just wandering, no outpouring just recycled sermons and lifeless practice.


our programs reek of conceit

our hearts are surrounded by a thick layer of unrepentant sin

our churches seek to “increase their territory” and have forgotten that we are kingdom; we have no territory, we are His ambassadors

dude, this stuff gets me riled up i gotta calm down

Without the larger picture of what God does want to do it looks like we are being critical of what’s not working without supplying vision for what He actually wants to do that’s why helping the church see that the old days of revival are gone; not because they weren’t needed but because we are at a place to see God move in a new and more impactful way.

We haven’t emptied ourselves of this world and its position seeking, profit motivated, relationship destroying yoke. It is an uphill battle for the time being.