… And what can be done to change it?

I finally opened up my pre-release and let me assure you I fully expect this book to impact our faith and our application of ministry. Prepare to decontextualize your “mission strategy”;to get away from stale and lacking forms of outreach and find the deeper life of community and transforming love that doesn’t “preach” to people but brings Jesus into the real world with real people, to really help. We were meant to live fully engaged and wholly a part of the world around us. Frank lays out some foundational perspective when it comes to the PR nightmare that is seen as mainstream Christianity today.

Recent studies indicate that evangelical Christians are known by the world as people who are narrow-minded, judgmental, self-righteous, legalistic, callous, hard-hearted, politically partisan, and quick to attack their own. Why is this, and is there a viable cure? If you are tired of the Christian Right vs. Christian Left squabbles and vitriol, you will appreciate Frank Viola’s new book BEYOND EVANGELICAL.

Go to http://frankviola.org/evangelical.htm and check it out.