I realize my posts have been fewer in the last few months, suffice it to say that my head has been reeling with material and ideas.

I just wanted to point out one of my favorite things in the bible that draws me to study scripture and experience the Word made Flesh in my own life in increasing measures.

Proverbs 25:2
It is the Glory of God to hide a thing, and the honor of kings to seek it. 

How does that not blow your mind? I mean, first we are invited into the family of God, then deeper into relationship, then on into intimacy and just when you think, “oh this must be where it’s at!”, you begin to find out that there is a whole adventure to still be had. I’m not on a path or a religious kick, I’m on a quest,  a valiant mission, I’m being written into the Great Story. Be a king, find the hidden things with me, will you?