I spent some time to dream with Curtis Marshall over at Crash Leadership recently. One area of discussion revolved around the dynamic pockets of hidden movements in the US that are not getting the spotlight but are still catching the hearts and vision of this thing we call “Open-Source Ministry” or All-Volunteer Church. Frank Viola is one of the voices that lay out a clear and biblical path to doing church without the extreme Hierarchy and position obsession that most of us grew up with.

I’ve been reading Frank’s stuff for over a month now and I stinkin’ love his perspective on developing from the ground and being open in our expression of church as life or life as church or however that makes sense to you.

Check this out:

When you’re done with that head over to Frank’s Archive and pick a topic to challenge your practice!

Love you guys, I’ll post more stuff soon, we are currently finishing the Mentorship Model (finding the balance between organic and structure).