The sooner we accept our ineptitude, the sooner grace changes us.

The problem in the modern leadership paradigm that we’ve created with our modern “spectacular rock-show exhibition seeker obsessive church-plant megastar media whore-of-a-ministry” model (whew) is that even though we place an immensely weighted emphasis on the gospel (which is wholly good) we also place more and more onus on our abilities and others.

If you took away all the pretense and all the glamour of your church experience could you stand to be exposed to a small room of 20 people studying and discussing the bible on its own merits and personal revelation? There is NO ability in us that transforms others, no value in our expertise; it is grace alone that changes men! Anything else is a demi-idol that threatens the true work of the gospel in men’s hearts.

We cannot partially rely on grace.