Had an interesting meeting with the transit “Family/Student Ministries” team this week. (Lots of really innovative plans coming through, btw.) A question was asked on a specific level that I want to ask on a broad level. Namely: “What are 5 or 6 things you want to pour into others that will be meaningful for the rest of their lives?” On a student level this makes sense because you have a few years of consistent teaching, so it naturally follows that we should focus on a few specific things. In the young adult world this also makes sense. But the thing that got my brain fixated on this idea was the application on those we “do life” with. I asked myself a similar question in theSHIFT, but I think I may have asked too little too late. These things should probably be considered before we are preparing to leave.

My list formed pretty quickly, and now I know to start implementing these insights into the conversation a lot earlier and with more purpose.

  1. God isn’t about church, God is about us as individuals.
  2. There is no substitution for fellowship and accountability
  3. Personal devotion trumps collective devotion (every time)
  4. CS Lewis knows what he’s talkin about
  5. We are all called to “go” and “make disciples” (refusal to do so is a blatant disobedience)
  6. Relationships are God’s way of training you to be more like Jesus.