In our sad and clenching attempts to follow God, we so often destroy the very vibrant life and people he came to save.
You see it in churches where guilt and obligation continue to be the driving force of ministry – from smiling but utterly broken group leaders, to sweat drenched parking attendants. From tenured Sunday school teachers to empty offering plates. We must get out of this “made up” mess of “doing church”.
This isn’t my soap box, my concerns lie somewhere else entirely, but this is simple application. The Gospel is a deep exciting life of adventure and actualization. There is nothing stale or empty about it. I’m not questioning whether people are saved I’m questioning whether or not they realize what that means. . .
Simply put: much of the modern church is ill equipped to serve the world and make disciples because we have become full of programs and agendas and empty of life giving power.
Activity cannot substitute incimacy. #DrawClose everything else will take care of itself.