We are a united people. Our cause and purpose is all the same. We have a reliance on each citizen and an accountability that reinstates that reliance.

We are United at all times. It is a natural inclination to reject the interdependence that fuels all of Christianity, but we must grasp and come to terms with the overwhelming responsibility of standing and falling together. I know the initial reaction to this unity principle is “if they fail then they did it on their own” or even worse “They made those decisions, they deserve what they get!” Holy God, are we saved for such a disgusting spiritual state as the modern church portrays?!?

Here’s an example: I recently found out that an old friend got divorced. Apparently there were problems in the relationship for years. For a little background, this friend was a beaming example of what meant to be “radically saved”; his experience literally built my theology of God’s power to change everything in a life. Knowing that God had moved so mightily in this couples lives, I was brought to instant brokenness for them. Understand that i wasn’t disappointed that they brought yet another failed marriage into the forefront of the minds of unbelievers, nor was I critical of their disregard of Jesus’ clear teaching that the Father hates divorce. No, my immediate concern was how have I [and by extension the entire church] failed them. I saw them both once a year for the past 8 years, did I go out of my way to connect with them, to pray with or for them, to give my heart to them. I love them both and when they fail, I fail. 

When you fail I don’t want to know so I can condemn you. I need to know because we are “the body of Christ”. We fail together and we will rise the same, friend! In the same way, when you triumph I don’t want to puff you up or put you on a pedestal. I desperately want to share in victory because the risen Christ has made the difference for us.

There isn’t an option here, if you are united with Christ you are united to His people. We can’t afford to keep doing it any other way.