I wanted to (briefly) touch on some key concepts I believe are vital to an authentic growing relationship in Christ. These are not foundational truths, nor are they doctrinal; they are merely noticeable differences between salvation and regeneration.  There are those of us who do not feel specifically challenged with day to day level of gospel-centric teaching in our lives; these concepts are for us to wrestle through. Take it at face value for what it’s worth (or not).

I’ll Tag these regenerate so the ongoing posts can be easily tracked.

#13: Convictional Repentance-
          Our repentance must always be a response to the burden He brings, no man can give you conviction it comes in self-examination, human’s can create shame or guilt in you, but only the Voice can bring true conviction.
          The Holy Spirit is grieved by all things that separate you and God. These things are not always sin; they are often good things competing with our devotional life toward Him and the relationship He draws us to.
          This call to deeper fellowship w/ the Holy Spirit is dependent on His leading. Others facilitate this level of repentance by encouraging our relationship alone, our piety and our personal devotion should not come into play until we hear the Voice of God. In the community Jesus is trying to build no one gets “called out”, but everyone gets “called”.

o   There are things we are all called to and other things that are specific. Some are Samson, some Job, some are John, some Paul, most are Ananias, few are David, but all are called. Finding the difference is the key to personal devotion and patience with others.
That wasn’t so bad, I’m really looking forward to rolling these out.