yes God created one love for us, but love is different than we think

we often think it’s some big, fateful, monumentally predestinal thing, and that’s not what it is. it’s a choice. me and my wife had a long discussion about this a couple of weeks [years] ago, how love isn’t an emotion, or an aspiration, or even a force, it’s a choice.

we narrowed it down to be defined the same way belief or hope plays itself out in our lives. God gives you the capability of perfectly loving one person, or imperfectly loving more than one person, and once you find someone who is willing to surrender their hearts to God first and you second then you commit the “God given” ability to love to that ONE person.

Of course we have a hard time reconciling why God condoned polygamy in the old testament and eventually changed His mind, but it took a while to see that He never changed, culture changed, interpretation changed, but His standard was always One Love given wholly not chopped up into pieces and rationed out. (Mark 10:6, Matt. 19:4)

anyway. . .
a lot of times what people do is trick themselves and/or others into love for the sake of love itself. that’s as silly as believing in God or Mohammed or Joseph Smith or his holiness the FSM simply for the sole purpose of having something to believe in, we have to evaluate and often wrestle with what we choose to put our faith in, the same is true of love.

i hadn’t really articulated it in writing it seemed a lot more complicated than that on the phone.

well that’s the way i see it, love is choice that can be made perfect like any right choice can.

love and peace