so here are some rudementary things I say all the stinkin time. it helps to get this stuff out of the way before you get to know me.

the most valuable thing I have to offer is this truth – Those who endure to the end, so shall the same be saved. –not the smartest, not the most spiritually adept, not the one who sees miracles or talks to angels, not even the one who knows the bible front to back, only those that endure.

Hurt is the highest place.

God’s way is perfect, not fun, not secure, not even good sometimes, but perfect.

brokenness, that’s my thing.

Longsuffering is about suffering for a long time.

A life of sacrifice, of giving and not taking.

God creates in us, through pain, triumph, and the journey, this beautiful kind of broken.

Be a minimalist, but not too much.

He builds from the bottom up not the top down, it actually makes sense.

We are building Community.

CS Lewis says “. . .”